6 Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 3555/500 Fletched 2

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25th of November 2017 at 1:37 AM
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6 Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 3555/500 Fletched 2\” Orange & White

7.4 gpi

They have a straightness tolerance of +/- .006 and hand weighed to within +/- 2 grains per dozen shafts. Blemished is defined as an imperfect paint job. There is nothing wrong with the shaft itself.

Will Cut Free But Please Note With Payment

Inserts are not glued in unless requested

Measuring Arrows Correctly

We measure arrows according to the Standard AMO (ATA) recommendations. This is from the groove of the nock (where the string sits in the nock) to the end of the shaft. Do not include the point in this measurement or the insert. If you are purchasing an arrow that uses outserts, allow extra length so that the outsert does not come in contact with your rest at full draw.

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