Blood Sport Prosecutor – 6pk 400 spine 1/2 dozen

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Blood Sport Prosecutor – 6pk 400 spine 1/2 dozen

Engineered for increased field-point accuracy, the Prosecutor™ offers archers a small diameter option to take down big game. Durable Rugged Wrap™ construction, Blood Ring™ technology and an ultra-stable R.O.C. 204 System ensure it will overcome any defendant.

.204″ Inner Diameter
.004″ Straightness
Small Diameter Arrow Type

Will Cut Free But Please Note With Payment

Inserts are not glued in unless requested

Measuring Arrows Correctly

We measure arrows according to the Standard AMO (ATA) recommendations. This is from the groove of the nock (where the string sits in the nock) to the end of the shaft. Do not include the point in this measurement or the insert.

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