Rage NockTurnal Universal Fit Lighted Nocks White 3 pack NT-317 #01234 $20

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Brand New!

Rage Nockturnal Nocks

Universal Fit Lighted Nocks White 3 pack

The amazing new patent pending Nockturnal lighted nock is a breaktrough design that is more affordable and lighter in weight than most other lighted nocks. The NockTurnal has a string activated linear switch that is protected deep within the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. Battery last over 20 hours. Made of clear plastic for maximum light transmission — can be seen for hundreds of yards. Speed saving ultra-light design… only 20 grains TOTAL weight… most other lighted nocks weigh 25% – 50% more!

Size Reference Guide:

Nockturnal-S – fits most “standard” carbon arrows such as Carbon Express, Beman ICS, Easton, PSE, Victory, Carbon Tech, Carbon Impact and most other arrows including aluminum arrows with a super-UNI bushing
Nockturnal-H – fits Easton ST Epic and ST Excel
Nockturnal-X – fits slim arrows with half outs or hidden inserts such as Gold Tip Kinetic, Easton Axis/FMJ, Beman MFX, Trophy Ridge, Carbon Impact HOT and Easton ACC’s with X-UNI bushing
Nockturnal-GT – fits most GoldTip hunting shafts (except Kinetic)
Does not fit “G” sized arrows

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