Tom Bomb Broadheads by Flying Arrow Archery (Toxic) 125 Grain 3/Pkg

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1st of September 2016 at 7:00 PM
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Tom Bomb 125 grain—Red with Chisel Tip

Release Your Arrow & Drop The Bomb.
The unique arcuate blades are put to yet another use. We like to call this deadly creation the “Tom-Bomb”. The new design decapitates any turkey with a simple, clean shot to the base of the neck. For those turkey hunters looking for a new rush, look no further.

Tom Bomb Features:
• Single Beveled Edge Blade
Surgical sharp blades work in concert to create stabilization and maximum devastation.

• Massive Chisel Tip
Experience bone crushing power, penetration and devastation.

• Arcuate Blade Technology
More cutting surface than any broadhead with a 2.5” cutting diameter

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