Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini Max New 2018

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4th of May 2018 at 8:28 PM
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Arizona E-Z Fletch Mini Max New 2018

“In the west we are often faced with limited cover, The 3\” Mini Max Arizona fletching tool with True Helical provides me with tighter groups and a flatter trajectory.
If downrange Brodhead accuracy is important to you then the 3\” Mini Max is a must have.”

Chris Denham
Executive Producer for The Western Hunter and Publisher of Western Hunter Magazine
The Arizona Mini E-Z fletch is designed to fletch any carbon or aluminum arrow from Ultra Micro diameter all the way up to 5/16\” standard diameter. This tool will fletch vanes or feathers up to 3\” long. The ARC Mini E-Z Fletch gives a strong right helical for maximum broadhead stabilization and accuracy.

Accomodates arrows up 5/16\” in diameter
Fletches vanes or feathers up to 3\” long
Right helical
Accomodates Ultra Micro diameter arrows

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